Understanding Complex Litigation

What is Complex Litigation? Complex Litigation is a large civil case that a company may face
involving multiple parties from multiple jurisdictions, a lot of money at risk, and in-depth legal

What are common causes of commercial and consumer litigation?
There is a variety of cases in commercial and consumer litigation cases. Our attorneys here at
éclat Law handle cases in these areas such as breach of contract or fiduciary duty, business torts,
non-compete violations, class actions, insurance disputes, wage claims, unpaid wages, first party
claims, and bad faith claims. We work endlessly with our clients to make sure we meet their
every goal and to make sure they understand all their rights in claims like these. We will do
whatever it takes, from the initial filing of the case to trial.

At éclat Law, our mission is to empower your success. Our experienced, knowledgeable
litigation team has been protecting the rights of clients throughout Florida for years. We
prioritize cost-effective service and client focused solutions, allowing us to provide affordable
representation that is tailored to each client’s unique needs. If you are a business owner or
individual involved in any type of legal dispute, we can help. Please call us at (407) 636-7004 or
contact us online at eclatlaw.com to setup a free and confidential consultation.