Understanding Class Actions

What is a Class Action? A class action, also known by other names such as class-
action lawsuit, class suit, and representative action, is a form of lawsuit where all
individuals similarly situated are represented by one individual or a few in court on
behalf of the entire group for the wrongful actions they have experienced. Whether
physical or financial wrongdoing has occurred from a business to these individuals,
once one or more individuals of a large group of similarly situated people goes
through the same situation a class action may arise. These similarly situated
individuals are known as class members.

How Do Class Actions Work?
Once our team of dedicated attorneys has learned about a client’s situation, we find
out if others have suffered in the same ways. If there are others who have been
through the same situation and suffering from the same wrongdoings or harms, this
is cause to file a class action lawsuit. Based on the number of similarly situated
individuals, this type of lawsuit may take several years resolve in court. Class
members are not typically needed to appear in court when the proceedings take
place. If the class action is unsuccessful class members are not liable for legal fees
incurred during the entirety of the suit, however if a class action case is successful
and compensation is awarded to class members, compensation for each
individual may vary based on their specific situation within the case.

Class Actions arc complex and require the guidance of an experienced, dedicated
legal team. To discuss your case with one of our dedicated attorneys, please call us
at ( 407)-636-7004 or contact us online at eclatlaw.com to setup a free and
confidential consultation.