Jene Omens


My name is Jene Omens and I would like to share my art with you. Within these pages, you will learn more about me and the art that I create. I encourage and invite you to explore the site and please feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have.

If I were to describe my art in a few words, I would say that my artistic mission is to create personal themes and bring them to life along with a powerful spiritual message. My flowing animations capture snippets of time and my hope is to evoke a wide spectrum of emotions in the viewer. Without the emotional connection, my work becomes lifeless.

I choose to create with a broad palette due to the interpretive freedom it offers; loose form, proportional exaggeration and suggestive detail. Instead of looking through a magnifying glass at an ant hill, I am excited to see the meadow, the forest and the world that it resides on.

My goal is to continue to provide services as an artist commercially and to serve private clients as well.

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