Meet Laura Cosgrove: The Attorney Artists Trust

Laura Cosgrove is a highly experienced attorney at éclat Law, where she leads the firm’s practice in art and entertainment law. She has established herself as a trusted advisor to artists, art collectors, and museums seeking guidance on the legal and business aspects of their creative endeavors. With over 30 years of involvement in Central Florida’s business and non-profit community, Laura has played an instrumental role in shaping organizations and initiatives that make a positive impact across Orlando, Winter Park, and Altamonte Springs. Her impressive background includes serving as the President and CEO of Eidson Insurance, co-founding the Foundation for Foster Children, and holding various leadership roles in organizations such as the Independent Insurance Agents of Central Florida and Florida Executive Women. She is also the current Advancement Chairman of the Friends of the Mennello Museum of American Art and head of the ART@éclat Gallery. Laura’s expertise and passion for the art world extend beyond her professional life. She enjoys collecting contemporary art with her husband, Mark, and frequently plans travels around art events.

A Beacon of Legal Counsel in Arts and Entertainment

After graduating from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law, Laura Cosgrove started her career as a law clerk for the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Later, she joined Eidson Insurance as its President and CEO for over twenty years, both handling its internal legal affairs and facilitating its transition to the Marsh & McClennan Agency in 2012. In 2018, Laura returned to private practice, focusing on arts and entertainment law.

As head of éclat Law’s arts and entertainment practice, Laura provides counsel to artists, writers, publishers, art collectors, corporate collections, gallery owners, public and private museums, family enterprises, nonprofits, companies, and other creatives at every stage of their business and careers. She offers services such as artist contracts for consignments, commissions, and sales; gallery representation; copyrights and trademarks; licensing agreements; collector contracts for purchase and sale; museum donation and loan agreements; insurance counseling and coverage analysis; entity formation, transition, and dissolution; and contract negotiation and review. With her extensive legal experience and active membership in the local and national arts community, Laura is the perfect attorney to trust with your art and entertainment endeavors.

Championing the Arts through Pro Bono Work

In her unwavering commitment to supporting the art community, Laura has been particularly active this year, offering her time and knowledge pro bono to several artists and organizations. One such instance was when she reviewed the art loan agreement for the Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival, one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious outdoor art festivals in the nation. The festival, held in mid-March every year, is a community-oriented sidewalk show that presents quality visual art and live entertainment for all to enjoy. Laura’s involvement, which clearly delineated the borrower’s responsibilities in caring for the works of art, was essential in creating a fair and sound agreement between the artists and festival organizers.

Laura also lent her skills to the Florida Sculptors’ Guild, assisting them in creating a trademark for their groundbreaking exhibit reVision: Seeing by Hand, an inclusive sculpture exhibit that caters to people with visual impairment. This trademark was crucial in preparing for their upcoming show in Miami next spring, as it provided legal protection to their unique concept against potential infringements. Laura’s work with the guild not only secured their intellectual property but also reinforced their mission of inclusivity within the art world.

In addition to these collective efforts, Laura has been providing individualized guidance to José Belén, a veteran artist who uses art as a therapeutic outlet for his experiences from the Afghanistan War. Faced with the opportunity to market and commercialize his deeply personal and emotive work, Belén found himself navigating complex legal decisions. Laura has been at his side throughout this process, ensuring his creative output is not only recognized but also legally protected. Through her dedicated pro bono work, Laura Cosgrove continues to champion the cause of artists and creatives, proving herself an invaluable asset in the intersection of art and law.

Giving Back to the Community of Orlando, Winter Park and Altamonte Springs

Laura Cosgrove’s contributions to Central Florida’s community are profound and far-reaching. As a native of the region, she has committed a significant portion of her time and resources to give back to the communities of Orlando, Winter Park, and Altamonte Springs. Her diverse leadership roles within various organizations demonstrate her dedication to fostering growth, support, and opportunities for those in need.

Some of Laura’s most notable work has been for children in Central Florida. She is a founder, past president, and board member of the Foundation for Foster Children, which focuses on enhancing the lives of children in foster care through programs that enrich, educate, and empower them, providing them with a brighter future. Additionally, Laura is a past president of the Community Leadership Council for the Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families, which provides support programs and resources for at-risk families navigating child abuse, access to healthcare, and parenting children with special needs. In her legal capacity, she offers cost-free representation as a Guardian Ad Litem for abused, abandoned, and neglected children in the Orange County dependency court. Laura’s involvement in these organizations reflects her commitment to advocating for and supporting vulnerable children within her community.

Laura has also strengthened community relations and the cultural fabric of Central Florida by participating in other institutions. She serves on the board of the Committee of One Hundred of Orange County, which financially and emotionally assists families of local first responders who have lost their lives in the line of service; has previously led both the Independent Insurance Agents Association of Central Florida and the Florida Executive Women as president; and is currently a member of the National Arts Club, a committee member of the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival, and advancement chairman of the Friends of the Mennello Museum of American Art.

Moreover, Laura plays an instrumental role in éclat Law’s Foundation for Community Action, managing its ART@éclat initiative and curating the Gallery in our Altamonte Springs office. Though the idea for the éclat Foundation was born from managing partner Kevin Ross’s passion to empower his community, it could not have fulfilled its potential without Laura’s guiding hand. The ART@éclat Gallery now hosts over 35 local artists and has sold 23 artworks since its inception, totaling over $9,000—unlike standard galleries, ART@éclat takes no commission from works sold, so 100% of those profits were returned to the artist. For each fundraising event that éclat Law’s Foundation for Community Action hosts, Laura updates the office gallery to showcase a variety of local artists that we’ve partnered with, giving them a new and unique opportunity to display their art to the public.

Through all these roles, Laura merges her passion for art, community, and law, highlighting her multifaceted approach to community service. Laura’s extensive involvement across various sectors of the community underscores her unwavering commitment to enriching Central Florida and making a positive impact on its residents.

How to Contact Laura Cosgrove of éclat Law

If you’re an artist seeking legal advice or you wish to learn more about Laura’s remarkable endeavors, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Laura Cosgrove today by calling our main office at (407) 636-7004 or by emailing her directly at We encourage you to connect with us, not only for legal counsel but also to discuss the ways you, too, can contribute to the vibrant community of Central Florida. Learn more about Laura’s work and the services she provides by visiting her webpage.