éclat Law Triumphs in High-Stakes Title VII Civil Rights Case

(Altamonte Springs, FL) July 21, 2023—In a landmark victory for employee rights and dignity, éclat Law, under the leadership of attorney Kevin Ross-Andino, is proud to announce the successful settlement of a challenging Title VII Civil Rights case involving sexual harassment, gender and religious preference discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination. The case was against a prominent medical device manufacturing company based in South Florida.

The plaintiff, a female executive, was wrongfully terminated after voicing her concerns about discriminatory, harassing, and religiously intolerant behavior she experienced from her white male supervisors and co-workers. Despite making formal complaints to the company’s senior management and human resources department, the victim was subjected to retaliation rather than seeing her complaints thoroughly investigated.

The defendant company attempted to dismiss the lawsuit, but their motion was denied by the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida in West Palm Beach. Recognizing the strength of the allegations, the Court ruled that the case should proceed. This decision promptly led the company to seek resolution, resulting in a settlement amount of $160,000. This substantial sum essentially provides the victim with the compensation she would have earned had she not been wrongfully terminated.

Title VII cases are notoriously complex, both in proving the allegations and in quantifying the damages. Yet, this settlement sends a resounding message about the seriousness of such violations, the potential for victims to secure justice, and the importance of standing up against workplace discrimination. The settlement validates the courage of those who dare to speak out.

“We are incredibly proud of our client’s bravery in confronting the injustice she experienced,” said Kevin Ross. “This case reaffirms our commitment to championing the rights of employees facing discrimination and retaliation in the workplace.”

éclat Law PA is grateful for the opportunity to represent such courageous clients and will continue to fight tirelessly on behalf of those facing workplace discrimination and civil rights violations.

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