éclat Law Files Class and Collective Action Lawsuit Against Nissan North America, Inc.

éclat Law has filed a class and collective action lawsuit against Nissan North America, Inc. (“Nissan”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Nissan Motor Company of Japan. The class and collective action complaint alleges that Nissan and its associated partners have and continue to violate the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state and federal laws. To read the full class and collective action complaint against Nissan North America, Inc. visit https://eclatlaw.com/2020/09/class-action-suit-against-nissan-north-america/

Former or current mechanics, technicians, or other maintenance personnel working with Nissan or its partner dealerships anytime from 2014 through present could be affected—they may be owed unpaid wages of varying degrees and may be entitled to certain costs of tools, equipment, supplies, time, travel, and training (non-exclusive list). 

It is estimated that three to five thousand former or current Nissan mechanics, technicians, or other maintenance personnel have been affected in the state of Florida alone, with total numbers still being evaluated.  

Contact our office now to find out if you are eligible for compensation for your unpaid wages. Fill out your free case evaluation today and let us know your story. To learn more about this lawsuit and others through éclat Law visit https://eclatlaw.com/practice-areas/class-action/