Defending Whistleblowers Against Wrongful Termination

Was your termination retaliation? If you helped put an end to toxic (or downright dangerous) workplace practices, you shouldn’t feel targeted – and you certainly shouldn’t be fired for doing the right thing. Below, our friends at Cohen & Cohen explore the ways a lawyer can help you with your wrongful termination.

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Entertainment Litigation And Copyright

If you write books, produce movies, create music, or are involved in any other artistic endeavor, at some point you may hire a lawyer to protect what you have created. Your legal representation can make sure you receive the compensation you have worked so hard to generate. If you are

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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse And Broken Trust

Imagining an elderly relative being abused in a place that is supposed to be caring for them can be all too overwhelming. Statistics show that the occurrence of nursing home abuse is higher than most people think, and it can be disheartening to realize that your cherished person could be

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