Merari Melendez


“I started drawing since I was around 5 years old. I taught myself during the years. When I went to the Middle School, I competed in art contest. I finally started taking art classes in High School. I also kept entering art contest while my time in High School. In my Senior year, I decided I would go to the Florida School of the Arts in St. Johns River Community College, Florida. Graduated in 2005 from High School and started that same year in college. During my time in college, I learned many things I have never heard of about the art world…composition, colors, negative/positive space, different line work, oil on canvas, etc. It was an amazing experience!!!! I would I have to say, “It was worth going to Florida School of the Arts.” I graduated with my A.A. and A.S. in Fine Arts in 2008. Now, I’m interested in opening my own studio and start doing commissions. Start putting to work what I have learned 🙂 But I still have much more to learn… 🙂 I’m still teaching myself…just like when I was younger 🙂 ” – Merari Melendez

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