Leo Cordovi


Leo Cordovi is a contemporary  painter born in Havana, Cuba. At the age of fifteen years old he immigrated to the United States, later graduating with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art from the University of Central Florida in 2019. With a focus in acrylic painting, his work offers expressive mark making and an underlaying and over-layering of colors that aim to blur the line between naturalism and abstraction. Select exhibitions include; Leo Cordovi, Florida Views in West Palm Beach, FL; Nature Utopia at Spazio Faro in Rome, Italy; National Endowment for the Arts Station Eleven Art Exhibition at the Dr Phillip Performing Arts Center, Orlando, FL; and Home Grown at the Winter Garden City Hall, Winter Garden, FL. Leo is currently based in Orlando, Florida.

My landscape paintings are the product of immersing myself in nature to capture the stillness that surrounds the environment around me. By applying large, deconstructed strokes of acrylic paint, I aim to capture aspects of the environment to compose artificial compositions that through abstraction are manipulated to leave the viewer with unanswered questions about their reality. These paintings serve as visual vehicles that transport us to places not anchored to any specific time or space, where the unbroken continuity of nature wraps everything that surrounds us. 

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