Deonna Herrold


Deonna Herrold is a Florida-based artist who works primarily in digital art. She holds a bachelor’s degree in the Arts and Emerging Media Management from the University of Central Florida. Deonna works as a Custodian at her church, but still finds time for art and works Freelance. 

She has fully illustrated a two-part comic book with author Roland Mann, a previous writer for Marvel Comics. In addition, Deonna has created illustrations, storyboard animatics, as well as work for Graphic Design.  

A principal style and theme in her works are “portraiture” and “fantasy”. She often finds releasing her emotions through her art is the best medicine. Sharing her art with others who can identify or empathize and find meaning with her art is what she strives to achieve.  

She is inspired by artists such as Arthur Rackham and John Bauer. 

Deonna’s art can be found on ArtStation as “VanillaDeonna”, as well as Redbubble, Instagram, and Patreon by the same user handle. 

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