One of the Busiest Airports in the World Gets a Needed Facelift

Overview of the New Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport Expansion

One of the Busiest Airports in the World Gets a Needed Facelift

Whether you live in Orlando, Florida — or are one of the 66 million people that visited in 2016 –you have likely experienced the congestion that extends from the airport through the rest of Central Florida. Originally built in 1984 after closing its doors as the McCoy Air Force Base (which explains the airport’s inherited IATA airport code, MCO), the Orlando International Airport is currently undergoing its “biggest expansion since the airport was built.”

Orlando International Airport is among the top 50 busiest airports worldwide based on the number of passengers in 2016. With 40 passenger airlines, 41,923,399 passengers in 2016, and about an 8% increase in the number of passengers from 2015 to 2016, the airport easily demonstrated its need for this expansion. In fact, Orlando International Airport has already started “2017 with a 3.8% increase in overall passenger traffic since last year.

Back in February 2014, Rick Scott announced the airport’s South Terminal Expansion with a state investment of $213.5 million to contribute to the overall cost of the project, which is $1.8 billion.

According to a recent issue of Orlando International Airport’s Small Business Newsletter, “Construction is scheduled to begin soon” and will be an incredible undertaking by the city and MCO. It will feature “state-of-the-art, multimedia technology” as well as other services and facilities that will make for a more organized and connected airport. The design phase is nearly finished, and groundbreaking will follow soon “with a [projected] completion date of 2020.”

Although travelers will have to wait a few more years, there are still many reasons to travel through MCO. Whether it’s to visit the magical Disney World or to catch a connecting flight to the tropical Dominican Republic, the Orlando International Airport is able to accommodate its record-breaking tourist numbers even as it plans its expansion. Indeed, MCO is embracing the growth trends seen in recent years. and is actively seeking the attention of even more businesses, airlines, and tourists to generate even more revenue for “The City Beautiful.” As tourism is one of the largest revenue generators for Orlando, MCO is doing all it can to help the city maintain its position as the place to be. By providing the best facilities with updated technology, the Orlando International Airport can surpass their past achievements and continue to deliver “The Orlando Experience.”[10] We at éClat Law congratulate MCO and look forward to seeing the finished project!

Read more in the most recent issue of MCO’s Small Business Newsletter

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